Faith Has Legs – It can be seen

MARK 2 depicts a beautiful picture of a deep longing of four friends who had decided to see their friend walk. Situation is beyond their control, it’s next to impossible for a man to reach to Jesus, leave alone a whole mat and a paralytic man on it to reach Jesus. But they dare to break open the roof and allow their friend to reach Jesus. They impressed Jesus with their faith and were instantly rewarded.  Jesus saw their faith, it was seen, it was heard and it was felt. Their friend sins were forgiven before Jesus could go on the cross, and he walked with his mat in his hand through the door, people were amazed and glorified God. By your faith, others can be forgiven and healed. Look at your friends, some of them need Jesus desperately, may be in their marriage, their health, their finances, their salvation. Jesus meets both Physical and Spiritual need. Remember beloved, dead faith has no reward since it has no action.

Jesus is always ready, that day filled with the compassion of God, he addressed the paralytic man as his son. Four friends did everything possible for their sick friend, how about us?

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