Great Legacy of Faith that we can leave for our children

Few days back we had new comers get together at home, our elder son Daniel was sharing his heart of his observations of us as his parents, he was touched by our love for the Lord, he knew serving God, his people were our expression to show our love back to him. Our eyes were filled with tears, children watch our lives, the best way to influence our child are being a dedicated Christian ourselves. They know sincerity and they can sense hypocrisy immediately, Daniel and Rosh can be passionate for the Lord only when they see passion for the Lord in the lives of their parents. When we dedicated them to the Lord we dedicated ourselves to the Lord. It has not been an easy walk, we had to coach them, punish them and reward them so that they become men of destiny. They have seen us praying and trusting Christ in every challenging situation. The greatest legacy that we can leave for our children is how to find refuge in God when everything looks difficult. We need to teach them this powerful lessons by our own example so that they too will do the same for their children and leave a great Legacy of faith!

Proverbs 14;26 In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence,and his children will have a refuge.

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