Rebound from failure and Rejection

Luke 5:5: “Nevertheless at thy Word” or “Because you say so.”

To rebound from failure, we must believe and have complete trust in the promises of God. Peter agreed to go for fishing second time in response to what Jesus said; he believed that Jesus would provide the fish.

The entire team of failures took Jesus at his words. Now, Jesus didn’t promise, “Peter, if you go fishing with me, I promise you a bumper catch. ” He had heard Jesus preaching from his boat, he didn’t doubt the words of Jesus. He took Jesus seriously, decided to overcome his failure by putting down the net where Jesus pointed. He knew that his net would not come up empty. Peter was not operating from the place of his ability and therefore he was not afraid of FAILURE. He bounced back with huge success. Can we say, Jesus if you say so, I am ready to attempt once again. IN HIM WE ARE VICTORIOUS…. JESUS MADE PETER FAMOUS IN HIS COMMUNITY…

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