Do you want children to seek God’s best in their marriage?

If you want your children to seek God’s best in marriage, then set them a visible standard to aim at.  

Both our sons have been watching our lives closely. I have grown up in an atmosphere where my parents would constantly argue. They would not even be able to enjoy a normal conversation. Thus, I lived in constant dread that anytime there could be a fight that would start with words and that could take an ugly turn. That’s why I would just avoid trying to be at home.

There is no other effective way than leading by your example. Merely offering children rules that they never see put into practice is more likely to produce a negative result than a positive one.  

It is a tragic fact that many young people today have never seen a happy marriage. I always feared that I would see same repercussions in my own marriage.  

In talking with young people facing problems, and in observing marriages that are successful, I feel there is one element in the home that children long for more than any other, though they themselves may not be conscious of it. That is harmony.  

If harmony begins with the parents, it will naturally flow from them into the character and conduct of the children. But if the parents cannot achieve harmony between themselves, there is little hope for the children. I took the help of the word of God which renewed my mind and I want to encourage you to read the Word of God and indeed it will help you to overcome your challenges.

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