Fear is a magnet, attracting what we don’t want

Job 3:25-For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.

Fear is a magnet, attracting what we Don’t Want. Moses could not progress because his mind was full of thoughts of fear that had taken him into hiding. He was labeled as a murderer; this had successfully destroyed all his leadership qualities, crushed his faith and had made him his own prisoner. Our thoughts and beliefs are very powerful as it produces certain frequencies, which can work either for our good or damage, limit or restrict us to move ahead.

God had to intervene through the burning bush; he called Moses and ignored every negative thought that came out as an excuse. He dealt with his fears by sending him back to the same place but promised his presence; miracles and 100% guaranteed victory.

Beloved, Jesus promises his presence through Holy Spirit, who is able to help us overcome every accusation and opposition that we may face.

Many years back I had seen a vision of many individual burning bushes and when I asked the Holy Spirit, he told me that the spirit of God is within us that burns through us in this dark world. Yes, we are his burning bushes and he will talk to the world through us.

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