Parents advice and intercession is needed!

Isaac’s two sons, Esau and Jacob, both made their own choice of life partners. Esau chose opposite to the desires of his parents. Jacob followed his parents’ directions, but actually made his own choice and negotiated the terms of his two marriages with his uncle Laban. I want you to notice that Jacob who accepted his parent’s directions was more successful than the one who did not.

In the times of the Judges, Samson made his own choice of a Philistine wife, exactly opposite to his parents’ desires. Moreover Samson convinced his parents, to make the actual arrangement of his wedding on his behalf. In his choice of a wife, Samson went against both the Law of Moses and his parents’ counsel. He volunteered to walk away from the presence of God and rejected the anointing.

When our children were born, we started praying for their life partners and now we are praying for our grandchildren. I encourage every parent to intercede for your children regularly, do not wait for a crisis.

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