How does one become wise?

The quality of having experienced, knowledge and good judgement is based on sensible and wise thinking. Thinking has a lot of benefits, it can be life changing and life giving. Each one of us is on a journey, there is a path that we take and on this journey at times we get stuck and are unable to move further however the truth is that we are still in motion. All of us whether wise or foolish, we are constantly taking decisions. Jesus himself counsels in Mathew 7:24-27 there are both foolish and wise man, wise man builds his house on the rock and the foolish builds his house upon the sand. Storm attacked both the men and the house on the sand was completely destroyed. What major decisions did we take in life that might be affected by what Jesus taught? Wise will change the location of his house, it would be rock, solid foundation, word of God, faith and Jesus. The person that survives will be the one that made right decisions ( marry, work, live, entertain ourselves). What storms of life is confronting you today? Be wise.

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